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AKC Code of Sportsmanship. History of the Vizsla. Vizsla Breed Standard. Vizsla Breeder Questions. We are in need of volunteers to fill a variety of team positions. Please consider volunteering your time to help with needs of these special dogs. Vizsla Photos. Show Equipment. Obedience Equipment. Field Equipment. Glossary of Terms. The RSVC has a variety of merchandise available to order online or at many of our club events. We're glad you stopped by.

We invite those interested in the Vizsla breed to browse our site, which is filled with tons of great Vizsla information.

vizsla rescue az

Our members are dedicated to the protection, enhancement and betterment of the Vizsla breed. We sponsor and put on multiple events throughout the year. Our combined membership has a wealth of Vizsla knowledge and experience. We also have a Vizsla Rescue group which includes joint ventures with other rescue organizations to help Vizslas and other breeds in need.

We invite Vizsla owners to join us to gain knowledge and to have fun with their dogs. Rio Salado Vizsla Club is always needing great people to help with the many activities held year round. Rio Salado Vizsla Club needs your help so that we can help Vizslas and other breeds in need of help today! We are also in need of donations which help our Vizsla Rescue Program. Please consider donating something today, it will help save a Vizsla.

Check out the Rio Salado Vizsla Club online merchandise store.Up-to-date listing of all events in your area are listed at the AKC website. New dates will be announced. Something for everyone. Contact Laurie Cummings Cahill vcarescue gmail. View list of regional rescue contacts.

For a variety of reasons, some people are not able to keep their Vizslas, and these dogs become available for re-homing. We also bring "shelter dogs" into rescue. Sometimes rescue vizslas have had no prior training, or they have been abused and need major care and rehabilitation. Rarely are they puppies.

As a rule, our rescue vizslas make wonderful pets and adjust well to their new families. Vizslas are active dogs that often act like "puppies" until they are three or more years old.

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Therefore, for working couples or families with children, we highly recommend adopting an adult, housebroken Vizsla because these dogs settle into the family much more quickly than puppies.

Before placing a rescue in a forever home, all shots are brought up to date, and all immediate medical needs are addressed. All dogs are spayed or neutered prior to adoption. Vizslas coming from an animal shelter environment may spend several days in quarantine as an extra precaution against contagious illness or temperament problems. There are volunteer Vizsla Rescue organizations throughout the country.

The adopter signs a contract to ensure the care and wellbeing of the dog under rescue, to agree to follow-up visits and to arrange obedience training as needed.

vizsla rescue az

Please contact the closest State Rescue Coordinator for more information about placing a vizsla to rescue. We request all registration papers, health records, and any other paperwork relating to the dog be provided to the rescue volunteer at the time of transfer.

We also request that all dogs coming into our program be neutered or spayed and be current on all shots, whenever possible. Vizsla Club of America.Sweet and loving older 9 years old female akc Vizsla.

Very well behaved and quiet, low energy. Trustworthy left alone in the house. Up to date on all shots, with vet records to prove it. She's on an inexpensive prescription for urinary incontinance. This solves the problem perfectly.

Spayed, to approved home within a days drive from Phoenix only. A rehoming fee and home check required. She would be a perfect dog for an older retired couple or retired single woman. She loves to go on walks, she is not going to be an athletes fitness buddy and has zero interest in hunting. She is not a watch dog, loves and seeks attention from strangers. She would do well in a condo or patio home. Does not bark when someone is at the door.

She's loves affection and lounging around the house. She also loves to go out and about, very well behaved on leash and loves meeting new people. She does not enjoy a loud house with lots of commotion. Even though she is polite with kids she would be happiest in an mellow adult home. She is good with other pets, but really wants to be the center of attention. She gets jealous of any attention given to other dogs.

She needs to go to a home with no others dogs or maybe a home with a quiet older male dog. I've never had her around cats, but she doesn't have a prey drive and seems to get along peacefully even with the birds in our backyard.

I am not interested in placing her through rescue. I prefer to do this myself, so please no photos from vizsla rescue. Maricopa County Scottsdale, Arizona We block people who post offensive messages. See a problem? Animal no longer available Visit a different page:. Arizona Vizsla Rescue View other Vizslas for adoption. Rescue Me! No longer available. Back to Photo. Personality Low Energy Submissive. Health Spayed.Up-to-date listing of all events in your area are listed at the AKC website.

New dates will be announced. Something for everyone. Please note that each Rescue Coordinator operates as an individual rescue organization and they are not directly affiliated with, or part of, the Vizsla Club of America. Please contact the rescue volunteer closest to your area. If the matter is urgent and you cannot reach a local volunteer, please contact the Regional Coordinator, listed at the top of each regional section. A Regional Coordinator will contact someone else in the volunteer rescue network to help with both surrender and placements of pure-bred vizslas.

Because they are a volunteer rescue network, they all work together and can provide referrals for transport, foster homes or adoption to another rescue group as needed. While they may, coincidentally, help you find the dog of your dreams, their primary concern is placing the right dog with the right owner.

SEVizslaRescue gmail. Vizsla Club of America. All rights reserved. Vizla Club of America. Contact Us. Timeline Articles. About Events. About Contacts Donate. Teila Gilchrist vizslacontact-cwvrg yahoo. VizslaRescueSoCal gmail.Every year Mehagian Vizslas will breed puppies according to the number of people waiting for them.

We do not have puppies all the time, so there is almost always a waiting period for one of our dogs. We like to know that when they are 8 weeks old, they have a home to go to. Prior to going to their new owners, the puppies are evaluated. Pedigrees are studied to determine which puppy will best suit the needs of the new owner. Since this is such a versatile breed, puppies are requested as family companions, personal gun dogs, competitive field dogs, show, agility, obedience, service, and even dock diving competition.

Please be aware that showing, hunting and raising great puppies has been my hobby and privilege for over 50 years. I take great care in selecting the best puppy for your lifestyle. If you would like more information on upcoming litters, please call me at Thanks for your interest.

Our Kennel See our entire list of Vizslas in Residence and their titles. Raising Champion Vizslas in Arizona for over 40 Years beautiful dogsā€¦. Marge Mehagian mjmehagian cox. Mehagian's Raspberry Razzle Dazzle. Mehagian's Tobias of Wilder SH. Mehagian's Allegro Catch Me if you Can.Life Span : 10 - 14 years Photo Courtesy info : S. California Vizsla Rescue. Vizsla Rescue Organizations. Northern Illinois Vizsla Rescue, Inc.

Southern California Vizsla Rescue. Gateway Vizsla Club Rescue. Vizsla Club of Long Island Rescue. Ilovtrav aol. New Hope Viszla Rescue. South Louisiana Vizsla Club Rescue. Vizsla Rescue Haven. Showing 1 - 10 of 33 results.

History Pro's and Con's Vizslas are depicted on etchings that date back to the 10th century. They originate from Hungary bred by the Magyars, who used them as hunting dogs.

They are thought to have descended from several types of pointers along with the Transylvanian Hound and the Turkish yellow dog now extinct. The dogs worked as hunters, their superb noses and endless energy guided them to excel at catching upland game such as waterfowl and rabbit. The breed almost became extinct after World War II.

After the war, when the Russians took control of Hungary, it was feared that the breed would disappear from existence.

In an attempt to save the breed, native Hungarians smuggled some of the dogs to America and Austria. The Vizsla has two cousins, one with hard-wirehair called the Wire haired Vizsla and the other a rare Long haired Vizsla.

The longhaired can be born in both smooth and wirehair litters, although this is quite a rare occurrence. The longhaired Vizslas are not registered anywhere in the world, but some can be found in Europe. Some of the Vizsla's talents include retriever, pointer, game bird hunter, obedience competitions, agility and watchdog.

vizsla rescue az

Temperament The Vizsla is known for being affectionate, gentle and vulnerable. The dog is also protective of its owner and adopted family. The breed is fearless and intelligent. A loyal animal, Vizslas attach and bond quickly to their owner, forming close, tight-knit ties. A Vizsla will follow you from room to room, as you wander throughout your house.

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Their sometimes, clinging ways leads to their nickname of "Velcro" dog. The Vizsla is not known for being a barker or a noisy dog. It is quiet, barking only if goaded or the circumstances warrant it. This does not make them passive. Vizslas can be both aggressive and destructive. Highly intelligent dogs with a need to be active, they become bored and restless if not stimulated or exercised.

If left cooped up too long, a Vizsla is a destructive animal; if bored, a Vizsla will resort to eating anything and everything, stealing food from off tables or countertops.Many of these dogs come to us through shelters or owner turn-ins where the owner can no longer care for the dog.

Depending on the dog's medical condition broken bones, heartworm positive, other needed medical we will ask for more to help cover their bills. If travel or crating issues arise during the placement of a rescue, the adopting individual assumes those costs.

Vizsla Rescue

We do not arrange transport - that is up to the adopting family. No promises on cats as not all the foster homes have cats. As fosters, all dogs live in our homes, with our families. Some may require on-going veterinary care. An adoption application is available by contacting us, or by submitting the adoption form available under the rescue link. We operate one of the more active programs nationally in purebred Vizsla placement.

Monthly ads placed in the Kansas City Star serve as an educational tool where we talk about the breed to prospective owners. Mixed rescues are rare for us and supported through other rescue organizations. If we know of a mixed rescue and you are interested, we will be happy to share that information with you.

Due to the overall nature of rescue, they rarely have papers. Should a question arise of whether a dog is purebred; an evaluation will be completed by someone with breed experience.

We raise much needed funds through an annual fundraising appeal and donations. Please think of your red buddies during year end appeals! Version: Mobile Web.

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