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Story Story Writer Forum Community. A community full of fanfiction about Matthew Casey and Sylvie Brett! If you're interested in becoming a staff member for this community, PM me! Part of the "Plans and Promises" universe.

Adult characters sadly aren't mine. I'm just playing with them. Casey, S. Brett - Complete.

chicago fanfiction

Regrets by Msmandijmoore reviews Sylvie regretted it as soon as it happened but will her best friend be able to forgive her? Does these Traveling Buddies become more than friends?

Casey, K. Severide, S. Brett, E. Now Correctly Ended! Brett, S. Kidd - Complete. Healing Hands by Loopylou reviews Sylvie Brett is miserable and in pain.

Matthew Casey finds a way to help. Fluff, really. Will she recover? Will she be okay? Will Casey be there for her? Sorry, I suck at story descriptions. If that is a trigger for anyone or hard for some, please don't read. Okay, well it wasn't really the yoga pants but damn it helped a lot. Matt Casey knew that this girl was going to the death of him. Brett, M.Story Story Writer Forum Community. Pairing Plus Filters. Cancel Apply 1.

Collection of Sevasey one-shots. Casey, K. Now or Never by easilyaddictedd reviews After over a year, at least 20 times nearly convincing herself to leave, and four failed and painful attempts, she knew it was now or never. She cleared her throat and looked up at Antonio.

Casey, G. Dawson, Antonio D. Fight it by dawseysfight reviews Hi! It's my first fanfiction so i hope you'll like it. What I wish could have happened Just some family cuteness! Call Out by S. Lovelace reviews Casey's life changes forever when a call comes in the middle of the night saying that his nephew and niece are in trouble and he needs to take custody of them. Now Casey must learn how to balance out being a firefighter and a parent.

Luckily, he has a whole firehouse behind him. Severide, G. Dawson, OC. Stand By Me by UnicornMagic reviews When it came to fighting fires Taylor was on top form, but life outside of work was a mess and sometimes it was a struggle to get through the day. Severide, Chief W. Boden, OC. Part of the "Plans and Promises" universe.Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Plus Filters. Cancel Apply Ink by MonumentForTheDead reviews Roxie Hart's debut night couldn't be more perfect; a full house with a crazed, cheering audience, costumes designed by herself, and a discovery about her dance partner that will keep her awake for many nights. Wildflowers by underthepink reviews "Do you think I'm going to be a good mom? Master Minds by ellerabe reviews Roxie and Velma go to Spain to work at the telephone company and befriends Alba Lida who helps them while they help her.

Darkest Secret by underthepink reviews Tell me your darkest secret. Comfortable by underthepink reviews third in the temperature series. Cold by underthepink reviews follow up to warm. Know I'm there by Pahoehoe reviews Amos Hart moves on. She just wants a moment of peace But the insistent ringing of the doorbell is just too annoying to be ignored.

She has no choice but to open the door. Second Chance by markaleen reviews After her trial, Roxie goes home to Amos, hoping he will take her back.

Here, she also reflects on her moment of fame. I used the song from the episode of Family Guy "Road to Rhode Island" with some alterations of my own. Rated T for Language. Enjoy, tell me what you think! Billy Flynn is used to that, but this time is different. But how? Midnight Thoughts by MonumentForTheDead reviews The night has fallen upon Chicago, and the unstoppable thoughts tend to assault the minds of the ones who are still awake; feelings and secrets are carried through the wind, as a reminder that, at the end of the day, we're just empty and lonely.

Especially when you don't have a family anymore. And in this afternoon, they will be drawn together by the lack of a good heater on a cold winter day But perhaps this is not the only reason Billy Flinn Journal by lightbulbmoments08 reviews A girl goes into an abandon building and discovers the journal of famous chicago lawyer, Billy Flinn.

He tries to move on, but will he ever get over it? Rated a T just to be safe. Set during and after the movie. I would rate it about a T for some implied sexual content and some colourful language. A night in Chicago by MonumentForTheDead reviews Velma Kelly was used to wake up besides strangers in the morning, but this time was different This time it wasn't a stranger. Might add more chapters if people want me too! Terms of Service.Paring: Will Halstead x sister!

Thank you! So this is a perfect ask, thanks anon. Originally posted by chicagomedgifs. It was around 8pm and your heating has stopped working. You knocked on his door and watched as your breath flew out from your mouth while you waited. Your face was pale and your hands were shaking, you could no longer feel your feet. Will shook his head at you and dragged you to the living room.

You walked to the radiator under the window and sat with your back on it. The warmth it was emitting was soothing. You pressed every bit of your body to it that you could, but left your head facing the TV.

Sticking your tongue out at him, you gathered up the clothes and headed to the bathroom. The clothes were comfy and enough to put you back in your sleepy state. You trudged your way back to the living room and flopped yourself next to Will.

Laughing at you, he threw a big blue blanket over you and tucked you in. You laid your head in on his chest as you fell asleep. He soon joined you as the TV made noises in the background. Sitting up straight you started to panic, you were wheezing pretty bad and it was hard to breathe.

Tears were flowing down your face as you tried your hardest to breathe. The sound of you wheezing woke Will up. He was quick to jump into action. You knew you should have taken it with you but in your haste to get to somewhere warmer, you left it on your bedside. Will nodded his head and ran to his bathroom. He flung open the medical cupboard and searched for an inhaler.

He found your old one, that luckily was just in date. He rushed back to you and quickly handed you your inhaler.

chicago fanfiction

You took it grateful for the time you stayed when your apartment was being renovated. Will came back to sit next to you as you caught your breath back.

He put an arm around your shoulder as you wiped your tears. You hated it when you had an attack but it had a major effect on your brothers too. He led you to his bedroom and placed your inhaler on his bedside stand. While I sleep on the sofa. You scared the hell outa me. Now get your ass to bed. I just wanted to pop in and say how much I value and appreciate these writers. Especially with all the shit going on in the world now, thank you for providing a welcome distraction.

Originally posted by loofandtimmy. So i have never written a fan fiction ever before but since I have a bit more free time I felt very inspired and might have started to write something. Now i admire you guys even more!User Name: Remember Me? Moderator of One Direction. Thank you for opening. Thanks for opening this thread.

Any people around this forum ever write any fanfiction? Find More Posts by xlennie. I never read fan fiction but I'm enjoying them for CPD. Find More Posts by oth. I never read it because I just know I'll get confused with what's actually happening on the show. I'll be remembering something I read on here and thinking it happened on the show.

Thanks for starting the thead for this here. I LOVE fanfiction. Thanks for starting, Aroa. I used to write terrible fanfiction I think about 5 years ago.

I don't even try to do that anymore. Yeah mine was awful. Mary Sue characters and all. Same here Totally one dimensional, and don't even get me started on the dialogue. I've managed to write a few, but I only took one shoots of scenes that where missing in shows Originally Posted by oth.

Not yet. I've been meaning to check it out but haven't had a chance yet. Hope to do so this weekend. All times are GMT The time now is AM. User Name:. Forum Affiliates. Thread Tools.Originally posted by beauitful-paradise.

Originally posted by chicagomedgifs. Sometimes, by the time he woke, the nightmares were already gone. Sometimes, in the pale morning light slipping in through the blinds, they were nothing more than an aftertaste, bitter ashes at the back of his throat. Sometimes he could swallow hard against them and chase them away before the day had even begun. He could pull himself out of bed, stand in the shower beneath the nearly scalding water and let the heat of it ease the tension from his shoulders completely.

Sometimes he woke up and it was time for work. He could jerk his body into motion, let muscle memory and simple morning routine pull him through. Last night I dreamed about the Halstead brothers, and woke up with an idea for an angsty fic with heavy themes that I may or may not write at some point.

Originally posted by leave-me-hypnotized-love. Jay spends the night in hospital and Voight sits by his bedside as he sleeps.

Originally posted by benson-shelby. Based on a request by umbiquitin. When he inevitably comes down with the flu, Jay is plagued by nightmares. Adam is worried enough to call Will. Originally posted by haileyupstead. Posts What should I write? Anything to declare? Missing my boy Jay. Any requests? Halzek also encouraged.Jay and Hailey are having a slow day at the office and decide to blow off some steam.

For the sake of this story, they are an established couple, although I'm not sure if everyone knows yet. Originally, this was written as a one shot, but if you guys like it and I get good feedback, I will consider making this a collection of one shots with the same If you do enjoy this story line and have a specific somewhere you would like them to I hope you like this story and if so, please leave a comment below!

Feedback keeps me going! It was an unusually slow day in intelligence, no pending cases, no calls…so the team was spending their time tying up loose ends and organizing files.

Requests Open

I walked over to grab a box off of Jay's desk before following him down the hall. He keyed us into the room and set his box on the shelf, before turning to take the one I held. Jay stood close enough now that he forced me to step back, bumping into the wall behind me. Before I could recover, he closed the gap, his hands pressing into the wall behind me, on each side of my head.

I glanced up at him and my heart raced at the mischievous look in his eyes. Part of me wanted to remind him that we were professionals and professionals didn't do this sort of thing at work. The other part of me wanted to see just how good 'this sort of thing' was at work. I struggled to control my breathing, suddenly aware that my breathes were coming much faster and louder than they should be. My arms wrapped around his torso, my hands resting on his shoulders from behind, pulling him closer to me as his lips started a slow assault of my neck line.

This man knew the spot the drove me crazy and he was certainly using that knowledge to his advantage right now. I bit my bottom lip as his assault intensified. I didn't get a chance to answer him before my shirt was pulled up and over my head, exposing the black lacy bra. Instantly, his mouth was skimming across the skin of my chest.

chicago fanfiction

One hand moved to pull down the fabric of my bra, while his other continued to pin my hips to the cool wall behind me. As his mouth worked my breast, his hand moved down to undo my jeans, making quick work of the button and zipper.

One Chicago Fanfiction - Abandoned — Asthma

Finally, his mouth met mine as his hand slid into my pants, cupping the growing heat there and driving me insane. My hands reached down to undo his belt and a moan escaped my mouth as his fingers worked their magic in my core. He pulled back just enough to meet my eyes and held my gaze as he pushed me over the edge, his lips covering mine when I struggled to contain the moan fighting to fall from my lips. My hands tingled as I finished undoing his pants, reaching in to pull out his rock hard member.

Jay's breathing slowed and his head dipped down to watch as I worked my own skillful hand around him. After a moment, his hand cupped mine, stopping my movements and the look in his eyes told me he was close.

He bent down slightly to help me remove my jeans, making quick work of the matching lace panties I wore. Standing back up he wrapped my arms around his neck and effortlessly lifted me into the air. With my back pressed against the cool concrete wall, Jay entered me in one smooth motion. Slowly momentarily to allow me to adjust, before starting a steady and fast rhythm.

chicago fanfiction

Our lips met again and our tongues battled for dominance. I felt the heat pooling in my stomach again and I worked hard to control my moans. Jay's thrusts became uneven as he too was close to finishing. He pulled away from my lips again, resting his forehead against mine as his hand reached between us to push me over the edge. My hand flew to my mouth, muffling the loud moan the I stood no chance in stopping and Jay thrust a few more times before finishing inside me. Our eyes never broke apart, even as he set me back down.

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